Greg Brinkworth

Name: Greg Brinkworth

Position: Project Manager


“I have worked in the construction industry for a number of years, from apprentice level to number one PM onsite and for a variety of contractors, large and small, which I feel has given me a good insight into where I want to be and the sort of contractor I want to be a part of in the longer term.  
When I joined the HF team I had been looking for a role that provided the opportunity for career progression to Contracts Manager, within a business that was undergoing strategic growth and that had a solid and longstanding reputation for quality. I joined as Project Manager but very much have the role of Contracts Manager as my aim and the company is supporting me on this journey. I’m starting by learning how the ‘HF way’ differs to the other businesses I have worked for, via tendering and managing projects, immersing myself in the business as a first step to understanding the approach the company takes and how I can support that. I also really wanted the chance to add value and have a positive effect on and a significant role in the company’s growth. The way in which the business is run and its aspirations are very closely aligned with my experience, skill set and beliefs and I felt a role within the HF team was an ideal fit. I also live in Warrington which allows me a better work life balance than I have previously experienced. My first project for the business was for Huddersfield University and involved the build of its new Holocaust Visitors Centre as well as alterations to its Business School and Library rooms. On the whole the project proved to be logistically challenging as we were working largely within a live environment with complicated access. We adopted a flexible approach, working closely with the client to complete the works and overcome design change challenges, accelerating the works to meet the handover deadline.
If I had to sum up what working for Harry Fairclough is like and the sort of person it’s suited to, I’d say that in my experience you are given the autonomy and opportunity to bring your own systems, approach and style to every job. If you like a very structured, ‘rigid process driven’ environment that a larger contractor might offer, it’s maybe not going to be for you, but if a business with a very lean management structure that takes a dynamic approach and gives you the opportunity to shape your role sounds appealing then that’s certainly my experience of being part of the team so far.” 
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