Andrew Fear

Name: Andrew Fear

Position: Project Manager


“After studying for a degree in Construction Management at Sheffield Hallam University, I began my career in the construction industry and joined one of the UK’s largest construction companies. After being there 17 years, and seeing the business grow rapidly, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to be part of a dynamic growing business, with a solid reputation for quality, where the work you do is valued and you’re not simply just a number.

I joined the HF team as an Assistant Site Manager, my role has evolved and progressed, and I am now an experienced Project Manager. Each member of the HF team in Yorkshire has positively contributed to my ongoing development and continue to be a great support network. I’ve found that everyone that works for HF is in it for the right reasons, all working towards the same goals and it is rewarding to be part of such a hard-working, dedicated team.

Moving from such a large organisation to a smaller one has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in the projects I manage and I have the flexibility to take ownership for the outcome. Being able to shape my role to ensure the optimal outcome for the customer is something that I really appreciate about my role at HF. I also love a challenge which comes in useful on a more complicated project!

Being part of a smaller organisation where the company values and goals are aligned with my own makes for the perfect fit. To be part of, and aid, business progression and add value on the projects we deliver is an exciting opportunity as you can see first-hand how the quality work you are producing is having an impact and is appreciated. I’m enjoying my time here and am looking forward to contributing to the future growth of our Yorkshire offer.”

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